Connecting people through news.

What is PressReader?

We’re on a mission to improve the way people discover stories that matter. That’s why we’ve partnered with thousands of publishers to give readers unlimited access to leading newspapers and magazines.

We’re all about choice. Using their phone or tablet, readers can browse content online or download entire issues using the PressReader app. They can subscribe for unlimited access, or get the full experience sponsored by one of our partners.

With over 7,000 magazines and newspapers, updated as soon as they’re available from publishers, our readers can stay connected to the stories they care about.

How does it work?


Personal access

Anyone can subscribe to PressReader to get access to our entire catalog. Or, they can buy single issues from our digital shelves.


Sponsored access

There are thousands of brands (hotels, airlines, libraries, cruise ships, and more) that offer complete access to our catalog as a benefit to their customers.


Intuitive reading

We’ve built a smart platform that recommends stories based on a reader’s interest. Our users can switch seamlessly between between a device-optimized text view or the original print layout.


Strong partnerships

Whenever you read an issue on PressReader, you support the people who wrote it. Plus, we work closely with our partners to help them connect with new audiences around the world.

Our Partners


Hotels and Airlines

Qantus, AccorHotels, Shangri-La Hotels, Loews Hotels, Coast Hotels, Intercontinental Americas + many more.

Cruise ships

Seabourn Cruise Line, Silversea Cruises, MSC Cruises, Uniworld, Crystal Cruises + many more.


New York Public Library, San Francisco Public Library, Library of Congress + many more.


The Guardian, Washington Post, Vogue, GQ, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes + many more.


FiPP, WAN IFRA, INMA, APEX + many more.

Our Team


Alex Kroogman

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer

Alex transformed PressReader from an innovative print-media solution to a globally driven, game-changing digital platform. He has played an integral leadership role at PressReader for almost 15 years. He led the creation our worldwide network, created our library service platform, and developed new technologies that continue to set the industry standard.

Nikolay Malyarov

EVP, Chief Content Officer, General Counsel

Nothing gets past Nikolay. As Chief Content Officer and General Counsel at PressReader, that’s a good thing. His attention to detail and complete knowledge of the tech and publishing industries have helped turn PressReader into a truly global business. Nikolay believes in the power of storytelling. He also knows how people think about, read, and share stories in the digital world. He makes PressReader work the way people want it to. Capitalizing on opportunities that others don’t even see, Nikolay leads the industry with strategic vision and insightful commentary.

Igor Smirnoff

Chief Commercial Officer

When Igor enters the room, you’ll notice. As Chief Commercial Officer at PressReader, he turns handshakes into successful partnerships and phone calls into friendships. The global tech industry is always evolving, and so is Igor. He thinks big picture and has a way of making people believe they can change the world. He drove the development of PressReader’s original groundbreaking launch. Now, he’s leading the company’s global growth with confidence, intelligence, and style.

Alex Naverniouk

Chief Technology Officer

Alex’s technical mind has turned PressReader into so much more than a digital kiosk. He lead’s PressReader’s development team, encouraging innovation and nurtuting new talent. Alex and his team have built a product that’s truly changing the way people read and discover news on their mobile devices.

Julia Yukhadi

Chief Financial Officer

Julia truly understands the world of finance. Her experience as Chief Financial Officer IBS Group of Companies in Moscow, Russia, has prepared her for PressReader’s global operation. She has led many high-profile, multinational projects, including preparations to IPO on New-York Stock Exchange.

Julia was behind the implementation of internal controls for financial reporting in accordance with the Sarban-Oxley (SOX) Act as part of the compliance with SEC reporting requirements. Now, she’s leading PressReader’s financial success.